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Why just dieting may not work for you

When people want to lose weight going on a diet springs to mind, people try typical diet foods which are low in fat and calories and eat as little as possible for as long as possible. Which is really just starving yourself and long term will be nearly impossible to maintain.

But let me explain quickly why just "dieting" may not work for you. The body is controlled by lots of different hormones, and these hormones are controlled by lifestyle choices we make such as, the food we eat, stress levels, how much sleep we get, the list is endless.

All these things have a massive effect on our body and what most people don't know is that these hormones are the likely cause of weight gain, food intolerances, illness and slow weight loss results.

Where you deposit your body fat paints a clear picture of how your hormonal system is functioning, hormones control just about every metabolic event that goes on in the body and your hormones are controlled by your lifestyle, diet and exercise.

Here is an example, if you struggle to loose umbilicus fat (tummy fat) it is very likely that you are under stress. As this site in the body means that cortisol levels are higher than they should be, the hormones cortisol helps the body deal with stress but as a side effect causes fat storage around the stomach.

So the point of this short article is, what we eat is massively important but it isn't counting calories in and calories out that will seriously changes the way someone looks. It is controlling the hormones in the body that will get you fast effective results.

Posted on 21st January 2012

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