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Weight Loss Tips

When starting a weight loss plan it is important that you know a few key tips that will make all the difference. Yes it is very important to eat the right things and live an active lifestyle but that isn't all. Why so many people fail to lose weight and don't get the results they want is because they aren't doing a few simple things.

Firstly you need to be eating the right foods, a diet that is low in processed simple carbohydrates and high in protein, good fats fruit and vegetables. By eliminating or reducing the amount of simple carbohydrates you eat blood sugar levels will stay stable and your body will go into a fat burning state.

Secondly exercise, you need to try and get something done 3-4 times a week e even if it is just a quick 30 minute interval session. But the time you can spend exercising make sure it is spent doing a form of weight or resistance training and or interval training. Quick and easy tips you can start tomorrow:

  1. Eat every 3 hours
  2. Don't replace low fat for high sugar high sweetener foods
  3. Keep a food diary everyday
  4. Drink between 2-3L of water each day
  5. Plan when you are going to train and put it in your diary
  6. Prepare your food the night before
  7. Make a vision board with for your goal and put in a place you can see to keep you motivated
  8. Have a cheat meal once a week eat anything you want for that one meal, it will actually speed up metabolism and help keep you on track long term

Posted on 22nd January 2012

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