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Step by step plan to fat loss

It is very confusing knowing where to start when trying to lose fat, most people start with lots of motivation but quickly lose it when they don't see a change in there body.

It is very important how you tackle your fat loss goal, doing one thing well but everything else wrong will prevent you from achieving your goal.

Below is a step by step guide to fat loss:

Step 1: Start the day with protein - Eating protein for breakfast puts the body in a fast burning state all day, you will also find you have more energy, by keeping blood sugar stable you will have miles more energy. Research also shows that eating protein for breakfast improves mood as good neuron transmitters are sent to the brain.

Step 2: Add in Omega 3 - Add an omega supplement to your diet, omega 3 turns a fat burning glad on in the body, helps brain function and focus. Extensive research shows that omega helps almost every function in the body.

Step 3: Cut the sugar- Take sugar and simple carbs out of your diet, the body doesn't need sugar or simple carbs, foods such as bread, rice, chocolate, fizzy drinks the list goes on, but your body doesn't need these man made sugary processed foods, all these foods do is add to your fat cells.

Step 4: Eat every 3-4 hours - Eating every 3-4 hours keeps blood sugar stable this means your body will not be releasing insulin the fat storing hormone, it will increase your metabolism and best of all you won't be hungry and want to binge on sugar.

Step 5: Detox - Once you have been eating clean for a few weeks a lot of the rubbish that was being held in the fat cells will have been released and excreted by the body. So now it is a good time to give your body a hand and help pull all the toxins out of your fat cells. This will help you lose fat a lot quicker as well as massively improve health.

To change your lifestyle from one extreme to the other is not realistic for everyone; you might be the type of person who makes all these changes in a day, some of you might take your time and make the changes over a month or more. What is important is that you do as much as you can but stay consistent; consistency is the key to success.

Posted on 13th March 2012

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