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How To Lose Weight Fast

Summer is fast approaching and it is the time of year everyone will be pulling the swim wear out of the wardrobe and putting on their summer clothes. You can't hide under a big cosy sweat shirt anymore, so you want to know how to lose weight fast so you look and feel great on the beach this summer.

The fundamentals to losing quickly:

  • Eat diet foods, a diet food is anything that does not raise insulin levels (the fat storing hormone), has a low G.i and GL values, is natural and unprocessed. To give you an example if it doesn't grave in a field, swim in the sea or grow in the ground don't eat it!

  • Drink at least 2L of water for a women every day and 3L of water for a male every day. If you are not hydrated you will not lose fat as simple as that.

  • Fibre intake - Women need 25g per day and males need 35g per day to keep the intestine system functioning as it should be, a high fibre diet also reduces cholesterol, and increase cardiovascular health.

  • Have a cheat meal once a week, this is the only meal in the week where you intentionally do not eat diet. This is permission to eat whatever you want for one meal. Realistically on one is a robot and can eat diet foods the rest of their life so this is where the cheat meal comes in. The good news is though it helps with fat loss, if you are good all week then eat rubbish for just one meal is actually speeds the metabolism up, so if your love is pizza and chocolate every Friday you can have it.

  • Supplements - It is impossible to get all the minerals and nutrients the body needs to be healthy just from the diet. Therefore the need to supplement is very important.

  • Omega 3 is essential as it turns a fat burning gland on in the body, multi vitamins help nearly every function the body and especially help the liver to detox all the rubbish we take on board and zinc is the most used mineral in the body and is essential to fat loss and immune health.

  • Make it a lifestyle change and not a diet. Diet is a very negative word no one wants to hear and no one can diet for the rest of their life. So change your lifestyle eat diet foods every day, have more energy, be healthier and do something that isn't a diet to help you lose wright and more importantly keep it off.

Summer is upon us so don't start next week or the week after or the week after that. Start now and change your lifestyle ready for the summer sun.

Posted on 18th February 2012

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