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Diet foods everyone wants to know what the healthiest foods are to eat or the best foods to eat when "dieting".

It isn't foods low in calories and it isn't foods low in fat. It would be silly to completely ignore the fat and calorie content of foods however is it more important for foods to have:

  • A low GL (glycemic load) this is the affect that food has on blood sugar levels per 100g
  • Diet foods should be natural and not processed
  • High in vitamins and minerals
  • Have a source of good fats the omega fats
  • High in protein as protein is essential to the health of our body

Fish is a great diet food

A fish diet is designed to help increase the health of the thyroid and consequently increase metabolic rate. By increasing the amount of fish consumed in the diet we are getting more iodine. Iodine helps improve the health of the thyroid and keep the thyroid functioning as it should be. The thyroid controls two of the main hormones that are responsible for our metabolism.

Combine this with a low simple carbohydrate diet and the body is in a perfect fat burning state, no sugar in the diet means the body will begin to break down the fat cells for energy and as a result you will lose body fat and lots of it. Add in lots of leafy green vegetables to get your complex carbohydrate intake and the body will be in an ideal state to burn fat. Green vegetables are full of phytochemicals, vitamin s and minerals the body thrives on.

Posted on 30th January 2012

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