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When starting a diet plan it can be very hard to know what to eat and when, you want to make sure that everything that is going inside your body is within the "rules".

The key is preparation, if you plan the day ahead have your lunch box full with the right diet foods then everything will go to plan. On the other hand if you walk out of the door without any food for the day you are making it ten times harder for yourself to stay on track.

Please find below an example diet meals menu, writing down your meals for the week and keeping a food diary of exactly what you have eaten that day are the two most important things to help keep you on track.

Smoked salmon with 2 pounced eggs and spinach
2 organic sausages, 2 pouched eggs, 2 bacon and grilled tomatoes

Celery sticks and peanut butter
Half a chicken breast

Chicken caser salad
2 burger salad with avocado and olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing

Half an avocado
A handful or nuts

Chilli con carne
See our healthy Chilli Con Carne Recipe

Posted on 22nd January 2012

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