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Diet Foods and Energy Levels

Would it be right to say that most people would like to have more energy, most people struggle to wake up in the morning and it is an even bigger struggle to get out of bed. But you clamber out of bed down the stairs and reach for a healthy breakfast, which in the western world is carbohydrate based wither toast or cereal in most cases. Then it's time for work so you grab a coffee on the commute in to wake you up and this is how Monday to Friday goes, looking forward to that lye in you are getting on Saturday.

This does not have to be the way you live your life and certainly should not be! Having no energy, feeling tired and feeling down is how most of Britons feel so you are not alone.

It is however in your control to completely change your life, have more energy feel more positive and sleep and wake much better.

This is how...

  • Eat diet foods for breakfast; a diet food is protein based and not dairy animal protein so salmon or bacon for example. Breakfast is essential the food we eat at breakfast sets our neurotransmitters for the day. And by eating protein you are sending the right messages to the brain to feel positive, be energetic and keep blood sugar levels stable.

  • Next try to eat a snack every 3 hours and try to include goof fats and protein to again keep blood sugar levels stable and consequently energy levels high.

  • Omega 3 supplement- Take omega 3 with every meal, it reduces the insulin response of food and will stabilise blood sugar levels and help the body burn fat.

  • Get to bed at 10pm, the body needs 7-8 hours sleep and it is essential to fat loss. Try using magnesium before bed if your struggle to get to bed. But like anything practise makes perfect and you need to stick at it if you have been staying up till all hours then it may take some time for your body to adjust.

All of the above should help with energy levels massively and all things that are 100% in your control.

Posted on 8th February 2012

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