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When starting any diet or lifestyle change there needs to be rules to help keep you on track. This article is going to tell you what rules you need to follow to lose weight fast!

First and foremost be careful what you class as a diet food or healthy food, foods such as cereals and fruit are seen as diet foods. However if you are trying to lose weight they are not the foods you want to be eating.

Cereal is a killer, it is advertised as a diet food and most people think it is healthy to start the day with a bowl of cereal. Wrong, cereal is processed, packed full of sugar and full of sweeteners. And what goes on top of cereal... milk, research shows that milk raises insulin levels, insulin is the hormone responsible for fat storage. So high blood sugar levels from the cereal and high insulin due to milk intake is the perfect recipe to gain weight not loses it.

Fruit, yes it is good and packed full of vitamins and anti-oxidants, however the amount we eat needs to be controlled. Fruit is very high in natural sugars so if you are trying to lose weight limit the amount you eat. Everyone has different goals and aspirations but a general rule is when trying to lose weight eat berries and do not exceed one helping of around 6-8 per day.

No processed sugary food, it is full of toxins and raised blood sugar levels and will go straight to the fat cells.

Avoid diet drinks- you may think that drinking coke zero is good for you, the complete opposite it is actually worse than the real deal. The sugar is replaced with sweeteners that have exactly the same effect on blood sugar levels as sugar.

Limit alcohol consumption- try to avoid beer. Red wine is good full of anti-oxidants and low in sugar so a glass a night is doing no harm.

DO NOT eat chocolate and sweets!!! This is pretty obvious.

Posted on 2nd February 2012

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